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Most popular questions for - EKP IV series

Press the MENU key twice, select ABOUT and press the ENTER key. The About window is displayed. The software version is displayedin the first line as v x.x.xx.

The red cross appears when the navigator can't calculate the fix. Is a caution measure.

If you have an AvMap EKP IV and you want take advantage of the additional functions of the AvMap EKP IV PRO, you can turn your model into a PRO version purchasing the EKP IV Upgrade Kit.
The additional functions are:
a)Functions for the automatic creation of Search and Rescue flight pattern.
b)Customized Regional Coverage Area
c)Place and Street Research
d)Connection to the radio localization system Telefix and/or Kenwood APRS
The upgrade kit to the PRO version is made up of a label to be sticked on the back of the unit (the label reports an identification number) and a 512 MB Compact Flash.
For method of payment and shipment conditions please contact us at [email protected]

You must set it in System Setup, Alarms. The beeper works only when reaching the Marks with the Danger icon (the last one on the right in the Edit Mark page)

In order to avoid your marks and tracks during a software update or a ram clear, you need to save them in FILE MANAGER. Press twice the MENU key, select FILE MANAGER and press the ‘+’ key. Then press the ‘+’ key again. The File Save To Disk window is displayed. Once you have edited the name and the type fields, select OK and press the ‘+’ key to confirm. A Warning message is displayed. Select OK and press the ‘+’ key to save your marks or tracks.
To restore the mark rescued, enter FILE MANAGER press once the MENU key and select LOAD.  A Warning message is displayed. Select OK and press the ‘+’ key to restore your marks on the map.

HDOP means Horizontal Dilution Of Position. It is a measure of the GPS receiver/satellite geometry. The lower the HDOP, the higher the corresponding accuracy.

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AvMap navigators are guaranteed for 2 years after  the purchase date.


How to get Customer Support
for your AvMap device:

1.   Register your Navigator

2.   Read the FAQsection

3.   If you do not find the answer to your problem, then write us filling the online Assistance form or contact the CALL CENTER +39 0585 784044

4.   The Customer Support will reply providing you instructions.

5.   If the problem cannot be solved over the phone or email, you will receive via email a repair code  ‘RMA’ with all the instructions to send us your navigator for repair.