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It means that the Dead Reckoning function is active. This function enables the unit to calculate your position even if the GPS signal is not received (i.e. under tunnels).

Probably the Bluetooth on your phone is not active. Turn it on and try again.

1. Download Geosat Suite and upgrade the software and the operating system of your Geosat.

2. Do not disconnect the Geosat from the USB, please enter in My Computer and locate the removable disk of the SD memory card of Geosat (it is easily recognizable because it contains the folder Geosat6.)

3. Open the folder and locate Geosat6 file "Userdata1.xml"

4. Copy this file and paste it on your PC to have a backup, and than delete it from the folder Geosat6.

5. Close the window,   Safely Remove the Hardware and unplug the navigator.

The Geosat should now again be able to connect via Bluetooth to your phone.

 1. First of all, check whether The Geosat has  the 8 pins on the back , only this model is able to power and to communicate with the stereo system through the magnetic holder.

2. Check whether the speakers are set as external:

1. Open the Menu
2. Press Settings
3. Press Preferences
4. Press Voice Options, press the green indicator on the bottom right of the page in order to pass  to the next page
5. Choose External Stereo

If the problem is not solved, please follow the instructions below to update the software  and recover the Sound System Recovery.

1.Update to the latest software version available
Read: How to Update the Software 
2 . Restart the operating system
Once you have updated the device, disconnect the USB and wait the main screen with the 2 main icons: use 2 pencils or pens and follow the instructions:
keep hold the button inside the hole next to the SD card (the hole without label) and then with another pencil press the reset button once.
When you will see on the display a blue window with the restart of the OS you can leave the first button also.

3. Connect the Geosat Car bracket
1. Check whether the navigator is ON and  the Car bracket is powered
2.Check whether the navigator is receiving power from the bracket:  on the map, in the lower right corner, you should see the power icon ( a flash).
3. Enter Menu -System Info - Components
After a few seconds the “Sound System Recovery” button will appear in the right column.
Click the button and please wait the message “Updated Successfully”.
4. Select then OK and exit the main screen.

If after these procedures your problem has not been solved, then the cause may be the erroneous installation of the car holder in the DIN. In this case please address yourself to the Peugeot dealer.

Probably the calibration has not been performed correctly. For a correct calibration  you need to choose a time when you are sure you have not ingested alcohol and it should not be repeated before the test.

The calibration is personal, so it may be less accurate if the person who performs the test is not the same person who calibrated the device.

The iPod icon will reappear automatically after connecting the navigator  to the car bracket. When the Car is powered and the bracket is powered.

The iPod icon, unlikely the Bluetooth one, stays inactive untill an iPod has been connected nect to the navigator holder through the Y cable provided.


In order to purchase a map update without loosing your CAMP function, you must download the update from the Geosat Suite  ( and not from the shop on line).

1.Connect the navigator to the PC and open Geosat Suite
2. Select Map Update, in the left column you can see the map preloaded on your navigator. The red light shows that it is not updated.
3. Click on Buy update.


This way you will buy a map update ( a new map file and a new  licence) keeping the CAMP  functions.
ATTENTION: Buying a new memory card on the shop online e.g. Europe maps,  you will buy a European map with basic license, which does NOT include the special CAMP software. Awlays use the Geosat Suite to update our Geosat 6 CAMP.


How to Transfer contents from Geosat to PC
You can explore the content of your Geosat such as saved routes, contacts, recorded tracks and save them in your PC in order to share them with friends. The gpx files can be used also by other mapping software such as Google Earth.
1. Click on “Explore Device” button, a window will open up showing the contents of your Geosat.
2. Click on the links on the left to display the desired contents (Routes, Contacts, Tracks)
3. Save them on your PC clicking on “Copy to PC” button.
The Suite will create:
• A unique .GPX file for all your saved contacts,
• A unique .GPX file for all your saved tracks,
• And a unique .XML file for all your saved routes inside the Geosat folder C:\Documents and Settings\[PC_username]\Documents\Geosat\. You can choose a different destination folder in the Settings menu, in the “Destination Folders” page. These contents can be imported in another Geosat

How to Add Contents from PC
Contents can be shared with friends. You can add contents (routes, contacts, tracks) from your PC to your Geosat
1. Click the ’Add contents from PC’ button: a window will open up showing the contents of your PC (Geosat folder)
2. Click the “Add” button to browse other folders in your PC
3. Choose the file to transfer (.GPX file with contacts, GPX file with Tracks or .XML file with Routes)
4. Click the “Replace” button to overwrite the files existing in your Geosat
5. Click the “Synchronize” button if you want to copy the files, without overwriting those existing inside the Geosat.

Transfer waypoints from a PC in real time with a serial connection
If you have installed in your PC a mapping software, you can transfer the Road Book ( a series of waypoints) from Geosat to the PC and view it in that application. Geosat 4x4 Crossover can communicate to the PC through serial cable (available as an accessory) and NMEA 4800 protocol. You can transfer waypoints from Geosat 4x4 Crossover to the mapping software and vice versa, for example during a race / competition. If your PC does not have a serial port, but only USB, you can also buy the serial - USB cable adapter on the online store.
Connecting Geosat 4x4 Crossover to the PC:
1. Switch on Geosat 4x4 Crossover and connect the serial cable to the I/O port on the right side of the device, then connect the serial cable to the PC.
2. Activate the NMEA communication: in the 4x4 Function page select Serial Port then select 4800. Make sure that the mapping software is properly set as to receive contents via serial port and NMEA communication with 4800 Baud Rate.
To transfer one Road Book, press the Road Book button in the 4x4 Functions menu, choose the desired Road Book, press More Options and then Press Send to PC. To transfer them all, press the Road Book button in the 4x4 Functions menu and then press Send all to PC.
On the Geosat screen you will see a pop up window with the message Sending Waypoints, and Waypoints will be displayed in the Map of your PC mapping software.


Please verify:


- that reset button is inserted into the correct input

correct input is the I / O , on the right side of the device


- that Geosat is correctly connected to the magnetmount + cigarette power-cable and that the device is correctly powered by the magnetmount;

access to the map and see on the right low corner. If you see the battery icon + a lightning icon the device is correctly powered.


- that external button is correctly setted on Menu - 4x4 functions - 4x4 settings - serial port


If in "4x4 Functions" menu - "4x4 Settings" - "Raster Charts" I setted "OFF", when  click on MAP, I
can see the Raster Charts NOT ACTIVE, and this behaviour is correct; but if I click
"Road Navigation" - and then "MAP" , the Raster Charts is still active , why ?
Accessing again to the standard Road Navigation, Geosat recover its start-settings, and in the case of 
Geosat 4x4 Crossover the start-setting is Raster Chart ACTIVE.
In this case you can deactivate it:
- Menu - Settings - Map Preferences - Sat Images "OFF"
In this way, in Raod Navigation mode, the Raster Charts remains ALWAYS NOT ACTIVE.

The EKP-IV exports NMEA data (NMEA0183) and any autopilot that can receive NMEA data will communicate with the EKP-IV. We recommend consulting with your autopilot manufacturer to verify that the device accepts NMEA0183 data. A serial cable that will connect to the serial port on your EKP-IV (which has a DB9 connector that can be connected to your autopilot) is also available.

The IGM Maps are sold together with the vector maps, loaded on the memory card AvMap. At each map update (about 3 times a year), you can buy a new memory card loaded with software and vector maps and IGM maps. Consult the online shop for compatibility and cost.

You can create and load your custom raster maps on your Geosat  4x4 Crossover using the Geosat Suite ( Mapl Converter function).
Use Google Earth or other mapping software (e.g. OziExplorer) to georeference an image of a map and then use the Map Converter  to convert it and import it in your navigator. The Map Converter converts your maps from  .kmz (Google Earth) or .map (Ozi Explorer) format to the AvMap's format, and matches them with the  vectorial cartography preloaded inthe navigator.

How to install Geosat Suite


1.    Download Geosat Suite and save it on your PC.

2.    Unzip the downloaded file and launch the executable file

3.    Choose a destination folder to save it or use the default one

4.    Accept the End User License Agreement

5.    Click on the END button to complete the installation, a shortcut  will be created on your desktop.

6.    Choose the language,  then click  “Set Language” and confirm your choice by clicking Ok.

7.    Follow the instructions in Suite to connect your navigator. For more info Geosat Suite Manual

8.    Connect the navigator to the PC everytime you want to: Create custom maps with the Map converter function.


How to create your custom maps

1. Get a Map on paper and scan it / or get an electronic map (the image needs to be in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or GIF format).

Georeference it  with Google Earth, Ozi explorer or other rmapping software and obtain a .kmz or .map file.

Open the Suite and click on the Map Converter button and follow the instructions to convert the files and load them on your Navigator.

For detailed instructions downlaod the user manual.




Kenwood TH-D72A/E SetUp

• Turn the TH-D72A/E ON.
• Press the F button.
• Use the up/down/OK/Esc control to select and set the following functions:
- F-1 – Int. GPS – Off
- F-7 – Voice Alert – Off
• Press Esc to exit the function menu.
• Use the A/B button to select the desired radio side for APRS.
• Press the VFO button and adjust the frequency to your standard APRS frequency (144.39MHz in the US).
• If necessary, press F-Shift to remove + and – from the display.
• If necessary, press Tone to remove the T, CT, DCS, and D/O icons from the display. The icon position should be blank.
• Press Menu button and set or verify the menu settings below. Leave all other settings at default, for now. Note: only important default settings are included
• Press the Menu button again to close the Menu.

The Kenwood TH-D72A/E is now ready to interface with the Geosat 6 APRS. Now that the configuration is complete, it’s time to see if it will work.
1. Turn off the Geosat 6 APRS and the TH-D72A/E.

2. Connect the two units using the data cable provided with your AvMap Geosat 6 APRS. Plug the fourconductor plug, with three black insulating rings into the I/O port on the Geosat 6 APRS. This is the top jack on the right side of the Geosat 6 APRS. Make sure the plug is firmly seated in the jack. Open the
COM cover on the TH-D72A/E and plug the three-conductor plug (two black insulating rings) into the COM port. Again, make sure it is firmly seated. A common problem with operation failure is not having the plugs firmly inserted in the units, or having the connections reversed. Double check your connections.

3. Turn on the Geosat G6 APRS and the TH-D72A/E. Wait until the Geosat 6 APRS has acquired sufficient satellites to establish a 3D position. A blinking GPS icon (not iGPS) should then appear in the upper right corner of TH-D72A/E display.

4. Set the volume at about 1/3 volume. If there is APRS activity in your area, you should here the brief “growl” of packet transmissions. You will hear a short
beep when you receive an APRS signal, a longer beep when you transmit your position, and a double (highlow) beep when you receive your position back from a digipeater. Now that you have a working system, you will want to decrease your beacon rate, and change other settings according to your desired operating method.
Read the APRS section of the Kenwood TH-D72A/E CD manual. This manual provides additional information on the functions of the various APRS controls, and

If you do not see a flashing “GPS” signal on the upper right hand corner of the TH-D72A/E, or APRS stations are not appearing in the APRS Contacts list on  the Geosat 6 APRS, then the data cable may not be fully or correctly seated.

1. Remove one plug and assure that it is the correct plug for that unit and is plugged into the correct port, according to the description in the previous section
of these instructions. Return the plug to the proper port and firmly push it in.
2. Check that the cord at the other end is in the correct port and firmly press on the plug to assure it is properly seated.
3.Check the cord for continuity and no shorts, using an ohmmeter, especially if it is a home brewed data cable.
4. Verify that the Geosat 6 APRS is computing a position fix.
5. Listen to your APRS frequency on the TH-D72A/E or on a different radio to verify there is APRS activity in your area.
6. Reread and verify the setup sections of these instructions.
7. Perform a Partial Reset of your TH-D72A/E per the instructions on page RESET-1 of the CD manual, then, repeat the setup instructions. A partial reset will not erase your memory channels, but will set all other settings to their default values.


The APRS messaging feature is only active if Geosat 6 APRS is connected to a modem or transceiver that supports this feature;
connecting the Geosat 6 APRS to the Tiny Trak 4, you can send and receive text messages easily using the complete virtual keyboard on the touch screen of Geosat 6 APRS.
(This function is enabled only when the Geosat 6 APRS is connected to the Tiny Trak 4).
To connect Geosat 6 APRS to the Tiny Trak you must use our AvMap PC-Interface cable ( code CBDJNG0400 ) available in our Store.
Once Geosat 6 APRS is connected to the modem, the Messages menu will remain available even when the modem is no longer connected. In the Messages menu you can choose to send a message, read your messages, and check outgoing messages.
Sending messages:
• Go to Messages
• Tap New Message button and type the text using the virtual keyboard
• To enter special symbols, touch the symbols button and special symbols will open on the keyboard, to return to the normal keyboard touch the ABC
• To move to capital letters tap "A" key, tap  "a" key to return to the keyboard in lower case
VII. Send messages to contacts APRS
Once you have completed the message, tap Send
• Enter the recipients by touching the button RECIPIENTS and selecting recipients from the contacts list APRS
• Tap "Accept"
• Tap send message
Once the message has been sent, the software will return to the maps and the message will be saved in the sent messages.
Receiving Messages:
When you receive a message from a  APRS contact  a warning will appear on the screen, you can choose whether to read the message immediately or at a later time. In both cases, the message is saved in the inbox, and can be read at any time.
If you choose "Read Now", the message is displayed in order to avoid distractions touching the Read me button, to listen to the message read by the speech synthesis text-to-speech. In the APRS options menu you can choose whether to display the alert only for personal messages or for messages sent to "All". Tap the Options button in the APRS menu, then tap messages on the map to select the desired option.

In order to purchase a map update without loosing your APRS function, you must download the update from the Geosat Suite  ( and not from the shop on line).

1. Connect the navigator to the PC and open Geosat Suite
2. Select Map Update, in the left column you can see the map preloaded on your navigator. The red light shpows that it is not updated.
3. Click on Buy update.


This way you will buy a map update ( a new map file and a new  licence) keeping the APRS functions.
ATTENTION: Buying a new memory card on the shop online e.g. Europe maps,  you will buy a European map with basic license, which does NOT include the special APRS software. Awlays use the Geosat Suite to update our Geosat 6 APRS.


The APRS Messaging function is available only when Geosat 6 APRS is connected to a transceiver or modem supporting that function. Connecting Geosat 6 APRS to Tiny Trak 4 it is possible to send and receive text messages using the complete virtual keyboard on the Geosat 6 APRS’ display.

In this case it means that Geosat 6 APRS and your radio are not communicating.

1. Remove the plug and make sure it is properly inserted into the device and is not reversed, then please reinsert it fully.
2. Check that the plugs are inserted into the correct port.
3. Check cable continuity using an odometer.
4. Verify that the Geosat 6 APRS is calculating the position (gps on the navigator must be active)
5. Turn on your favourite APRS frequency  tune with the TH-D72A / E or another transceiver for functions AvMap APRS - 25 check that there is APRS in the area.
6. Carefully review the instructions to set up.
7. Do a partial reset of the TH-D72A / E as described in the manual, so repeat the initial setup. The partial reset will not erase the memorised channels, but will restore the default values for the settings.


Geosat 6 APRS comes with bi-directional RS-232 APRS compatible with all models of transceivers Kenwood APRS amateurs and with the TNC (Terminal Node Controllers) that supports NMEA format.

Currently Kenwood APRS radios include:

• TH-D7A / E

• TM-D700A / E

• TM-D710A / E

• TH-D72A / E

The potential of Geosat 6 APRS are fully exploited if the TNC supports the same format string Kenwood: for example reading this string, you can view the standard icons APRS, and in tactical mode the contact information APRS while moving such as direction, speed, Lat-Lon, altitude, and time stamp necessary to filter contacts.

IF the radio TNC does not support the Kenwood string, you can still distinguish between fixed contacts (blue circle icon) and in motion (red triangle icon)


1. Set up  the Transceiver
• Enter your call sign
• BAUD Rate=9600
• Waypoint=ALL
• Waypoint size=9 character (this as also called waypoint length)
• Beacon method = Smartbeaconing (if your device supports this)
• Waypoint output=ALL
• If you are using a Kenwood D72 turn off F-1 Internal GPS

2. Set up  your Geosat 6 APRS
The Geosat 6 APRS is defaulted to 9600 BAUD rate. If your radio device supports 4800 BAUD rate you can change this setting also on your Geosat 6 APRS in the APRS options page. Touch the Options  button in the APSR menu, touch Serial Port and then choose your option.
3. Connect Geosat 6 APRS to the  Kenwood Radio

Your Geosat 6 APRS is supplied with an APRS cable: the 3 pole end (the one with 2 black rings) goes into the 2.5mm socket of your radio or TNC device. The 4 pole end (the one with 3 black rings) goes in the top 2.5 mm I/O socket of the Geosat 6 APRS; make  sure they are really snug in the socket.

In order to work, the Reset Remote Control needs the navigator to be plugged to the power supply (through car charger or home power supply cable).
Please verify also: 
- that the Trip Master button has been connected to the right input ( on the right side of Geosat, I/O input )
- that you have selected the right setting ( Geosat Crossover model):  
  Menu - 4x4 Functions - Serial Port - Ext.Button

In order to purchase a map update without loosing your Regolarità function, you must download the update from the Geosat Suite  ( and not from the shop on line).

1.Connect the navigator to the PC and open Geosat Suite
2. Select Map Update, in the left column you can see the map preloaded on your navigator. The red light shows that it is not updated.
3. Click on Buy update.


This way you will buy a map update ( a new map file and a new  licence) keeping the Regolarità functions.
ATTENTION: Buying a new memory card on the shop online e.g. Europe maps,  you will buy a European map with basic license, which does NOT include the special Regolarità software. Awlays use the Geosat Suite to update our Geosat 6 Regolarità

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AvMap navigators are guaranteed for 2 years after  the purchase date.


How to get Customer Support
for your AvMap device:

1.   Register your Navigator

2.   Read the FAQsection

3.   If you do not find the answer to your problem, then write us filling the online Assistance form or contact the CALL CENTER +39 0585 784044

4.   The Customer Support will reply providing you instructions.

5.   If the problem cannot be solved over the phone or email, you will receive via email a repair code  ‘RMA’ with all the instructions to send us your navigator for repair.