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a. The navigator may not be powered properly. Make sure the navigator is properly connected
b. The navigator could be on stand-by because it was set to the average or maximum energy saving. Check the power management settings:

1. From the Main Menu, press Settings
2. Press User Preferences
3. Press Power. The window shows three levels of saving  energy. Off, average and maximum.

Selecting OFF for the assurance that the browser never goes into standby mode. 

By selecting the Medium level, you get a greater autonomy battery.

Selecting the maximum level, you will get the maximum autonomy of the battery with a series of features. For example when the navigator is disconnected the brightness is lowered automatically, after several minutes the screen goes in   standby etc.

Select OFF and press Accept. If the problem is not solved, contact technical support AvMap.

Enter the COMUNICATION menu (pressing twice the MENU key from the Map mode), select the SELECT NMEA MESSAGES item: it gives you the possibility to choose which NMEA strings get from your GPS when the NMEA output is set on ON. The default values are: RMB, GGA.

In the Map+data mode page press the MENU key twice, select Setup data boxes, then press the ENT key. Select the box you want to replace with the Altitude one and press the ENT key. In the Data box fields select Navig:Altitude, then press the ENT key. To quit press the ESC key twice.

It is fully compatible, but in order to have an optimized image the iPod must be set in NTSC. it also support widescreen mode.

The Geopilot II PLUS has a built in battery, a serial port for autopilot use and a Audio/Video input. Geopilots II PLUS are also sold with an additional SD with terrestrial data.

With the unit OFF, hold down the MENU key and turn the unit on. Keep the MENU key depressed and the SYSTEM MENU will appear. Select MASTER RESET.
1. Compile a flight plan on rocketroute.com, save and Export.

2. Select AvMap format and Save the file to a known location on your PC.

3. Once you have obtained from RocketRoute the file in AvMap format (.GPX) you can import it in your Geopilot or EKP IV using the GPXconverter application. Download for free GPXConverter and extract the content of the .rar folder.

4. Extract from the navigator the memory card (SD or CF) and insert it into a memory card reader. If the Card does not contain any USERIMG.bin, then copy here the .bin file found in the folder you have just downloaded.

5. Execute the .exe file Click on the “GPX to USERIMG” button (This allows inserting the GPX file in the navigators’ personal data folder).

6. Select the flight plans from the list on your right and Click Import to EKP. The imported flight plans will be listed in the left column.

7. Select as destination the USERIMG.BIN file found in the memory card. The GPX file will be added to this USERIMG.BIN.

ATTENTION: the space available in the USERIMG.BIN file is limited. You can save in one file (route, track or flight plan) a maximum of 1000 Waypoints, 5000 track points and 100 flight plan legs, and you can save a maximum of 60 files in the USERIMG.BIN.

8. Close the GPXconverter, click on safe removal and extract the memory card from the reader.

9. Insert the memory card back in the navigator, and select Menu, Menu, Database, and then File Management to load the Flight Plans you have just imported.

> For more info http://www.rocketroute.com/support

> Download the Procedure

The Geopilot II Plus is able to interface with any device (external GPS, etc.) that  accepts NMEA0183 data. Consult the manufacturer of the device to verify that accepts NMEA0183. WARNING! The RS232 devices can NOT communicate with the navigator.


The Geopilot II Plus accepts any video source corresponding to PAL or NTSC signals are not supported monochromatic.

1) First of all, please check that the red light on the plug of the cigarette lighter cable is turned on. if not than either the plug or the power source defective.

If the light is on, then the problem is on the navigator's side:

2) Be sure that you power the device connecting it to the correct connector (the one with a "pin" in the center on the back) and then, with a toothpick, press the reset button located at the bottom of the accessible hole from the rear of the navigator.


1.    Enter in the COMMUNICATIONS menu by pressing the MENU key twice from Map mode,
2.     select SELECT NMEA MESSAGES function
3.     Enable the NMEA output. The default output phrases are RMB and GGA.


The Geopilot II PLUS exports NMEA data (NMEA0183) and any autopilot that can receive NMEA data will communicate with the Geopilot II PLUS . We recommend consulting with your autopilot manufacturer to verify that the device accepts NMEA0183 data. A serial cable that will connect to the serial port on your Geopilot II PLUS (which has a DB9 connector that can be connected to your autopilot) is also available.

The EKP / Geopilot II PLUS will interface with any device (external GPS, etc.) that accepts NMEA0183 data. Please consult with the manufacturer of your device to verify that the device accepts NMEA0183.

Please note that RS232 devices will NOT communicate with the EKP / Geopilot II PLUS .

Exchange is not allowed. If you bought your AvMap Geopilot series II in the USA and you are interested in the European one, you must buy an extra Secure Digital loaded with European detailed terrestrial data plus Jeppesen database (Europe+Africa aeronautical data). For more information please contact [email protected].


In any AvMap navigator, both the navigation software and the map data are preloaded on the memory card. The software update, however, is separate and apart from map data update.

Periodically, AvMap releases updates for the navigation software, free of charge. The software update concerns the navigation functions, messages and vocal instructions languages, menus, graphics, etc... Software Updates can be downloaded from the Support Section or through  the Geosat Suite.

The Map update on the other hand is not free. The updated data are released several times a year by our map providers and reworked and implemented by AvMap. When you update the maps, you update data such as street names, attributes and characteristics of the roads, one-ways, roundabouts, house numbers, points of interest, etc... The updates can be purchased on the AvMap shop online or through  the Geosat Suite.


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AvMap navigators are guaranteed for 2 years after  the purchase date.


How to get Customer Support
for your AvMap device:

1.   Register your Navigator

2.   Read the FAQsection

3.   If you do not find the answer to your problem, then write us filling the online Assistance form or contact the CALL CENTER +39 0585 784044

4.   The Customer Support will reply providing you instructions.

5.   If the problem cannot be solved over the phone or email, you will receive via email a repair code  ‘RMA’ with all the instructions to send us your navigator for repair.