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For this operation you need a memory card reader.

1. Download the worldwide background here
This background is only compatible with Geosat 5 series OR other Geosat 2 or 4 with software version 2.50 or higher.

2.    Read the  Geosat memory card with a Card reader

3.    Copy and paste the downloaded file as it is  into the CHARTS folder of the Navigator. If the CHARTS folder  it already contains a .TAB file, delete it

4. Reinsert the card inside the navigator

It shows the entire route: press the icon, to see the entire route displayed on the screen, to get an overview of the route.

Press POWER to enter to the page SCREEN OPTIONS and then set the brightness / contrast.


Probably the Bluetooth on your phone is not active. Turn it on and try again.

a. The navigator may not be powered properly. Make sure the navigator is properly connected
b. The navigator could be on stand-by because it was set to the average or maximum energy saving. Check the power management settings:

1. From the Main Menu, press Settings
2. Press User Preferences
3. Press Power. The window shows three levels of saving  energy. Off, average and maximum.

Selecting OFF for the assurance that the browser never goes into standby mode. 

By selecting the Medium level, you get a greater autonomy battery.

Selecting the maximum level, you will get the maximum autonomy of the battery with a series of features. For example when the navigator is disconnected the brightness is lowered automatically, after several minutes the screen goes in   standby etc.

Select OFF and press Accept. If the problem is not solved, contact technical support AvMap.

Probably the calibration has not been performed correctly. For a correct calibration  you need to choose a time when you are sure you have not ingested alcohol and it should not be repeated before the test.

The calibration is personal, so it may be less accurate if the person who performs the test is not the same person who calibrated the device.

The IGM Maps are sold together with the vector maps, loaded on the memory card AvMap. At each map update (about 3 times a year), you can buy a new memory card loaded with software and vector maps and IGM maps. Consult the online shop for compatibility and cost.

1. Download Geosat Suite and upgrade the software and the operating system of your Geosat.

2. Do not disconnect the Geosat from the USB, please enter in My Computer and locate the removable disk of the SD memory card of Geosat (it is easily recognizable because it contains the folder Geosat6.)

3. Open the folder and locate Geosat6 file "Userdata1.xml"

4. Copy this file and paste it on your PC to have a backup, and than delete it from the folder Geosat6.

5. Close the window,   Safely Remove the Hardware and unplug the navigator.

The Geosat should now again be able to connect via Bluetooth to your phone.

In this case it means that Geosat 6 APRS and your radio are not communicating.

1. Remove the plug and make sure it is properly inserted into the device and is not reversed, then please reinsert it fully.
2. Check that the plugs are inserted into the correct port.
3. Check cable continuity using an odometer.
4. Verify that the Geosat 6 APRS is calculating the position (gps on the navigator must be active)
5. Turn on your favourite APRS frequency  tune with the TH-D72A / E or another transceiver for functions AvMap APRS - 25 check that there is APRS in the area.
6. Carefully review the instructions to set up.
7. Do a partial reset of the TH-D72A / E as described in the manual, so repeat the initial setup. The partial reset will not erase the memorised channels, but will restore the default values for the settings.


The iPod icon will reappear automatically after connecting the navigator  to the car bracket. When the Car is powered and the bracket is powered.

Geosat 6 APRS comes with bi-directional RS-232 APRS compatible with all models of transceivers Kenwood APRS amateurs and with the TNC (Terminal Node Controllers) that supports NMEA format.

Currently Kenwood APRS radios include:

• TH-D7A / E

• TM-D700A / E

• TM-D710A / E

• TH-D72A / E

The potential of Geosat 6 APRS are fully exploited if the TNC supports the same format string Kenwood: for example reading this string, you can view the standard icons APRS, and in tactical mode the contact information APRS while moving such as direction, speed, Lat-Lon, altitude, and time stamp necessary to filter contacts.

IF the radio TNC does not support the Kenwood string, you can still distinguish between fixed contacts (blue circle icon) and in motion (red triangle icon)

Save the contacts (mark) on Geosat 5

1. Turn on your navigator, go to page 3 of 4 from the main menu and click on File Manager

2. Select Save to Contacts.

Export Contacts from Geosat on the PC using the driver

1. Download the Geosat 5 driver .This is the application that allows both to update the software, and restore and insert different languages, insert and manage POI Tracks and Contacts.

2. Extract the content of the compressed file

3. Connect the navigator (without  feeding it with the power cable) to the computer using a USB on the back of the pc

4. Open the GSUpdate application

5. Click  on CONTACTS MANAGEMENT. On the right side of the screen of  the content of the SD card is shown, select the word CONTACTS, then click on the button below to export the files to the PC.

6. In the dialog window that opens up, select the file destination folder on the PC

7. The files are now transferred to the PC. Close all windows and disconnect the Geosat 5.


Import the contacts to Geosat 6

1. If you have not done it yet, download Geosat Suite. This is the application that allows both to update the software, and restore and insert different languages, insert and manage POI Tracks and Contacts.

2. Extract the contents of the zip file and install the application..

3. disconnect  the navigator from the power supply. Turn on the Geosat 6, wait for the loading of the page and as soon as the page with the main icons is displayed, plug the USB cable.

4. Connect the Geosat to USB and wait for the hardware to be recognized. Once connected, the screen of Geosat will change and will show a  USB icon.

5. Locate on your desktop the icon for the Geosat Suite and open it.

5. Select ADD CONTENT and then  Select CONTACTS on the right, click ADD and select the folder where you saved the contacts of the Geosat 5.

6. After the message "data transfer completed" just close all windows, unplug the navigator and turn it on to check the list.


How do I get the Geosat Suite?

1.Read Everything about Geosat Suite here: www.avmap.it/TerrestrialNavigators/GeosatSuite

2. Download Geosat Suite

In the selection menu, select the product family menu of your navigator "SERIES", then select your product and click "Select".
Download the application to Geosat Suite from the proper link (it is available in both the Windows version and the version for MAC_OSX)


1. Once you have downloaded the file on your PC GeosatSuiteInstaller-vX.X.XR.exe (where "X" will indicate the version number of Geosat Suite), install the application by double clicking on the executable file.
2. After extracting the file, on screen will appear "Welcome to the Geosat Suite Setup Wizard".
Press "Next" and on the next screen, click "I Agree".
3. The next screen will show the Suite folder path in which the Suite will be installed. The path shown will by default, but can be changed,  you can select the folder where you would like to install Geosat Suite.
After selecting the folder click "Install" and wait until the transfer is complete.

4. Click on "Finish". The installation of the Suite is complete. A shortcut icon will be generated on the desktop.

5. Launch the Suite. At this point you can set the language by  "Select Language". Confirm your choice by clicking "OK".
6. At the launch of Geosat Suite application you will be asked to connect the navigator. If the device is already connected, press "OK", but if still it is not, plug it in, wait to be recognized as a double disc from My Computer (local disk + removable disk), then press "OK".


1. Once you have downloaded the file on your Mac GeosatSuiteInstaller-vX.X.XR.dmg (where "X" will indicate the version number of Geosat Suite), install the application by double clicking on the executable file.
2. Select "I agree" to accept the terms and continue with the installation. The installation window will appear: drag the Geosat Suite icon on the left in the APPLICATIONS folder.
3. When the installation is completed  you will find the Geosat Suite icon inside the applications folder. From the Applications folder you can drag the same icon in the Dock (the Taskbar on the desktop of your Mac).

4. Launch the Suite. At this point you can set the language by  "Select Language". Confirm your choice by clicking "OK".
6. At the launch of Geosat Suite application you will be asked to connect the navigator. If the device is already connected, press "OK", but if still it is not, plug it in, wait to be recognized as a double disc from My Computer (local disk + removable disk), then press "OK".


First of all, be aware that the side power button  switches off the display only, but the device stays in stand-by and keeps consuming battery. In order to turn off the device permanently, switch the ON-OFF button.

Also make sure that the battery has been properly recharged. The first battery charge should be of about 4 hours.
For a correct charge:
• Check that the main switch is in the "ON"
• Feed  the device with  the Home power supply cable.
WARNING: connect  the power supply cable with in the input with the flash icon on the right of the navigator.
As soon as the navigator display turns on, turn it off with the side button. The AvMap blue logo on the device’s case will start flashing.

Recharge for 4 hours.



1. Set up  the Transceiver
• Enter your call sign
• BAUD Rate=9600
• Waypoint=ALL
• Waypoint size=9 character (this as also called waypoint length)
• Beacon method = Smartbeaconing (if your device supports this)
• Waypoint output=ALL
• If you are using a Kenwood D72 turn off F-1 Internal GPS

2. Set up  your Geosat 6 APRS
The Geosat 6 APRS is defaulted to 9600 BAUD rate. If your radio device supports 4800 BAUD rate you can change this setting also on your Geosat 6 APRS in the APRS options page. Touch the Options  button in the APSR menu, touch Serial Port and then choose your option.
3. Connect Geosat 6 APRS to the  Kenwood Radio

Your Geosat 6 APRS is supplied with an APRS cable: the 3 pole end (the one with 2 black rings) goes into the 2.5mm socket of your radio or TNC device. The 4 pole end (the one with 3 black rings) goes in the top 2.5 mm I/O socket of the Geosat 6 APRS; make  sure they are really snug in the socket.

The navigation system has been shut down improperly or encountered problems when exiting the navigation software.

1. Reset the Device: press the reset hole with a pointed object and restart the device.

If you still get the error message

2. Try to clean the personal data saved in the navigator:

1. Create a new folder on your PC and name it "USER"

2. Connect the Geosat to your PC (with the main switch in position “ON” and the power cable disconnected).

3. Open the removable disk (SD memory card): you can recognize it because it contains the folders named Geosat6 and charts)

4. Open the Geosat6 folder and identify all files with extension .Bin and. Xml (e.g. filename.BIN filename.xml).  If no such file is displayed, click on ‘Tools’ (in the window menu), then select ‘Folder Options’, select the ‘View’ tab, among the options you will find "Hide extensions for known file types". If in this option is selected with a green check box, please remove it simply clicking on it. then click on "Apply" and then "OK". At this point, the file extensions are visible.

5. Copy all the .Bin and. Xml files and paste them inside the "USER" folder previously created on the PC. (This is a backup)

6. Now you can delete the .Bin and. Xml  files from the GEOSAT6 folder of the navigator.

7. Close all windows and Safely Remove the Hardware, then disconnect the navigator.

8. Reset the device and restart it.

At this point please check whether your problem is still present. If the procedure was successful can recover the Contacts, Tracks and Routes simply copying into the Geosat 6 folder the following backed up files: marks1.bin, tracks1.xml, routes1.xml.

If the problem is still present, Please contact the AvMap Technical Support writing to [email protected] or Calling 0039 0585 784044


 1. First of all, check whether The Geosat has  the 8 pins on the back , only this model is able to power and to communicate with the stereo system through the magnetic holder.

2. Check whether the speakers are set as external:

1. Open the Menu
2. Press Settings
3. Press Preferences
4. Press Voice Options, press the green indicator on the bottom right of the page in order to pass  to the next page
5. Choose External Stereo

If the problem is not solved, please follow the instructions below to update the software  and recover the Sound System Recovery.

1.Update to the latest software version available
Read: How to Update the Software 
2 . Restart the operating system
Once you have updated the device, disconnect the USB and wait the main screen with the 2 main icons: use 2 pencils or pens and follow the instructions:
keep hold the button inside the hole next to the SD card (the hole without label) and then with another pencil press the reset button once.
When you will see on the display a blue window with the restart of the OS you can leave the first button also.

3. Connect the Geosat Car bracket
1. Check whether the navigator is ON and  the Car bracket is powered
2.Check whether the navigator is receiving power from the bracket:  on the map, in the lower right corner, you should see the power icon ( a flash).
3. Enter Menu -System Info - Components
After a few seconds the “Sound System Recovery” button will appear in the right column.
Click the button and please wait the message “Updated Successfully”.
4. Select then OK and exit the main screen.

If after these procedures your problem has not been solved, then the cause may be the erroneous installation of the car holder in the DIN. In this case please address yourself to the Peugeot dealer.

You can create and load your custom raster maps on your Geosat  4x4 Crossover using the Geosat Suite ( Mapl Converter function).
Use Google Earth or other mapping software (e.g. OziExplorer) to georeference an image of a map and then use the Map Converter  to convert it and import it in your navigator. The Map Converter converts your maps from  .kmz (Google Earth) or .map (Ozi Explorer) format to the AvMap's format, and matches them with the  vectorial cartography preloaded inthe navigator.

How to install Geosat Suite


1.    Download Geosat Suite and save it on your PC.

2.    Unzip the downloaded file and launch the executable file

3.    Choose a destination folder to save it or use the default one

4.    Accept the End User License Agreement

5.    Click on the END button to complete the installation, a shortcut  will be created on your desktop.

6.    Choose the language,  then click  “Set Language” and confirm your choice by clicking Ok.

7.    Follow the instructions in Suite to connect your navigator. For more info Geosat Suite Manual

8.    Connect the navigator to the PC everytime you want to: Create custom maps with the Map converter function.


How to create your custom maps

1. Get a Map on paper and scan it / or get an electronic map (the image needs to be in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or GIF format).

Georeference it  with Google Earth, Ozi explorer or other rmapping software and obtain a .kmz or .map file.

Open the Suite and click on the Map Converter button and follow the instructions to convert the files and load them on your Navigator.

For detailed instructions downlaod the user manual.




In order to update software or maps you do not need any dedicated cable to connect your EKP to the PC: it is enough to extract the memory card from the navigator and to read its content with any memory card reader. 


The Off-Road routing option allows you  setting an off road route in a straight line, from a waypoint to another one, out of the street netwrok. 

Select the rectangle on the high left. In order to show/hide the boxes, press on the white triangle onthe side of the fields.

Go to the Fields Menu , select that field – Show Info ; you will be able to read 

Total Perimeter
Total Duration
Total Area
Worked Area
Max Speed
Max Dop

In a already worked field to clear the Guiding Lines and the Worked Area is possible, but to change the settings of the Spray Boom is not possible.

It is possible exporting the field you need to manage.
Work in a filed and close it. Go to Fields Menu , select the field and OPEN it. So return in Fields Menu, select the same field and press SHOW INFO – OPTIONS – EXPORT
Wait for the confirm message.

So, DISCONNECT THE POWER CABLE, keep the Geosat in “on” position and connect it  with USB cable to the PC.

You will be able to access to two different Geosat disks, Removible Disk and Local Disk.
Access to the Removible disk and into the Fields folder you will be able to view KMZ files ( files created after the export operations )

These KMZ files are available for Google Earth, free software you can download on web. 

Press MENU then SETTINGS and User Preferences.


For correct satellite reception, please install the GPS antenna on the roof or on thedash boardof your vehicle. The GPS antenna must always be in direct view of the sky. If you are using your GPS antenna inside your car, please make sure that your car does not have an athermic heat reflecting wind screen. In this case you must install the antenna outside. Be careful! Do not cover the GPS antenna with shielded items, do not install the GPS antenna inside the boot. Do not expose the GPS antenna or your Geosat2 to direct sun lightfor long periods. This could compromise the correctfunctioning of your Geosat2. In this case turn your Car Navigator off or restart the GPS signal from theGPS PAGE.

Operating system must be at least 1.3 (see the procedure in FAQ)

- download the file from see the procedure in FAQ)

- download the file from here
- unzip the file
- Connect G6 to PC via USB cable
- You will see two external devices: mass storage (internal memory) and SD
- Opens SD Card (it's the one where you can see Geosat6 folder).
- copy the extracted folder (Loquendo) on the same level of Geosat6 folder (not inside)
- Safely remove the device and disconnect USB cable

To activate TTS, power on the navigator, go to language settings and select Smart Instructions.

Please check that the SD containing AvMap's software and Map is inserted in the slot. Please remember that the AvMap software and cartography works only with original AvMap's SD cards.

previous 2345678 of 8next


AvMap navigators are guaranteed for 2 years after  the purchase date.


How to get Customer Support
for your AvMap device:

1.   Register your Navigator

2.   Read the FAQsection

3.   If you do not find the answer to your problem, then write us filling the online Assistance form or contact the CALL CENTER +39 0585 784044

4.   The Customer Support will reply providing you instructions.

5.   If the problem cannot be solved over the phone or email, you will receive via email a repair code  ‘RMA’ with all the instructions to send us your navigator for repair.