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G7 Ezy Farmnavigator v3.2.1R - 01-06-2016
Release notes
New features
1.1 Adaptive guidelines implemented.
1.2 Guideline point B is now set automatically going out of the field/headland boundary
1.3 Unicode supported in the database (Cyrillic and Greek characters can be used now for text fields)

Bug fixes
2.1 Reverse motion mode could be detected wrongly
2.2 Sections switching commands were not sent to UniPOD controller with zero speed
2.3 In rare cases field boundary could fail to be loaded after unit restart (while measuring field)
2.4 Application could crash editing field name from the prompt on the map after stopping field boundary measurement
2.5 Field boundary could contain “spikes” in some cases
2.6 SBAS setting was reset on application restart for AvMap M8 Smart GPS receiver.
2.7 The last segment of the contour line could approximate too rough the real movement of the vehicle
2.8 Popup windows, when opened over the Novariant WEB dialogs, reloaded starting page
2.9 Application could crash loading invalid (null) data from the database
2.10 Address field in Farmer info was not saved

3.1 Reverse motion. Increased speed which forces exiting backward movement from 8 to 10km/h
3.2 Unit ID, Model ID, OEM ID provided in the system info page.
3.3 Sections management panel. Improved switching from automatic to manual mode
3.4 Contour guidelines recording optimized to better fit vehicle movement path
3.5 Field boundary. Line smoothing applied for better presentation
3.6 Number of visible guidelines (parallel and contour types) set to 5 instead of 7
3.7 Caffini controller. Reduced rate of sending data to the controller for performance reasons
3.8 Finnish and Greek languages added.
3.9 Improved text depiction in buttons and settings tabs to better fit available region
3.10 Quick guide. French data updated
3.11 Translations updated
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