G6 Farmnavigator

The low cost GPS solution for precision farming

G6 Farmnavigator was born from the partnership between AvMap, the Italian leader in GPS navigation since 1994 and Satconsystem, the specialist in high-tech tools for the agriculture.

G6 Farmnavigator is the first portable navigator for precision farming.
Compact, easy to install, but at the same time powerful and mutli-functional.



G6 Farmnavigator Demo


Precision Farming

Main functions:

  • Parallel Guidance

  • Virtual spray boom commander

  • Perimeter and Area Measurement

  • Save Obstacles

  • Jobs Database

Measure your field

To calculate the perimeter of  a field you are working on, just touch the Measure button to start and touch it again to close the measurement.

The perimeter and area will be saved in the Job file.

Set your Guidelines

You can easily set the tramlines for your operations choosing among parallel, contour guidelines or existing tramlines.

Parallel Tracking
In the Parallel Tracking mode, G6 Farmnavigator creates parallel tramlines on the screen along which you can drive. Press A to start and B to end: on the display the AB segment will be traced together with its parallel segments.

Contour Tracking
In the Contour Tracking mode, you can create the first tramline in a curved field, by pressing A to start and B to end, then this  tramline will be replicated over the whole field.

Existing Tramlines Tracking

In fields with existing tramlines or planted with row crops, you can switch the Farmnavigator to the Tramline mode. In this mode there is no navigation bar, but you can see the real time green track and it can be used to work with the virtual sprayboom switch.

Save obstacles position

During the navigation, you can save a mark point to signal obstacles or  soil sample positions.
The mark points will be saved in the job file.

Spray Boom virtual commander

G6 Farmnavigator calculates the area that has already been treated and thanks to the virtual spray boom commander helps you saving chemical products, reducing costs and minimizing the environmental impact of your operations. 


You can set up the number of spray boom sections (up to 15 sections) and their length. After setting the sections you will see on the display which spray boom section has to be switched off to avoid overlapping. If the boom section is over an area that has already been treated, the section will be highlighted on the screen to warn that it has to be switched off, vice versa it will show when a section has to be opened again. 


This warnings are very useful when making a U turn or when trying to avoid an obstacle. The Virtual Boom section commander works in parallel mode, contour and Tramline mode.


Jobs Database

When you start a new job, all its data (perimeter, area, treated area, obstacles, timing, maximum DOP and maximum speed) will be saved in a database. The job can be paused and estarted at any moment.

You can see a data sheet for each job and you can export the database in the Google Maps™ format so that you can view it in Google Maps™ or Google Earth™.   

Car Navigation

You will use G6 Farmnavigator all the year round, as it is a car navigator too!

  • 100% portable with built-in GPS receiver

  • European maps included 

  • Turn-by-turn vocal instructions

  • Trip computer

  • Lane Assistant

Easy to Install!

G6 Farmnavigator Technical Specifications


• Dimensions: 133.6 mm x 83.4 mm x 28.6 mm
• Weight: 280 g
• Display: 4.8” 16/9 LCD TFT Touch screen
• Resolution: 480x272
• Display brightness: 350 cd/m2
• Display colours: 65K
• Internal Memory: 128MBytes NAND + 64MBytesDRAM
• Memory Support: card preloaded with navigationsoftware and maps
• GPS receiver: Built-in U-Blox LEA5 1Hz + externalU-Blox LEA5 4 Hz, WAAS/EGNOS DGPS enabled
• GSM, GPRS (Only in the G6 Connect Farmnavigator version)
• Processor: Freescale IMx31 - ARM11 520MHz
• Battery: Li-Ion Polymer 1600mAhAbout 4hautonomy
• 2 speakers
• Self-powered car support
• Audio output for earphones
• Master/slave USB port
• SD Slot
• SIM slot (Only in the G6 Connect Farmnavigator version)
• Bluetooth for hands-free calls (Only in the G6 Farmnavigator version)

Software - Farm Navigation
• Parallel guidance with straight guidelines, contouror round and round.
• Spray boom virtual switch command
• Field perimeter and field area measurement
• Jobs and fields database in Google Earth™ format
• Obstacles and Soil sample positioning

Software - Road Navigation
• 2D view, 3D view, Night vision
• Turn-by-turn vocal instructions with text-to-speech
• Post code search
• Lat Lon search
• Routing Options: fastest, shortest, avoiding tollroads, walkways, ferry routes, u turns, highways,unpaved roads, built-up areas etc.
• ‘Drive me Home’ quick command
• Stop planner
• Trip Computer
• Mobile phone: Triband GSM phone, messaging,address book, hand free calls (Only in the G6 connect Farmnavigator version)

Nokia HERE high coverage maps of Europe

Special Functions and Multimedia
• Plays images, videos and mp3
• Built-in breath analyzer
• Digital DVBT TV  (Only in the G6 connect Farmnavigator version)


Included Accessories


Ac-Dc power supply

Protective rubber cover


Suction cup holder

Magnetic mount


Car power cable

Power cable + serial ports 

Fixing elastic

 DPS antenna



Download the Suite in order to get free Software updates

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G6 Farmnavigator Accessories

Car charger

Car charger

29 €

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Magnetic support for Farmnavigator

Magnetic support for Farmnavigator

54 €

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Power / serial cable

Power / serial cable

37 €

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Power supply cable

Power supply cable

19 €

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Protective rubber case

Protective rubber case

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24 €

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Safety Fixing lace

Safety Fixing lace

7,20 €

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Other Accessories

Other Accessories


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Are you a manufacturer of sprayers, atomizers or seeders?

Make sure that your implement is compatible with Farmnavigator!

AvMap collaborates with companies leaders in the agricultural machinery sector in order to offer complete and easy-to-use solutions for precision farming. Farmnavigator displays can communicate with third party ECU through serial or ethernet interface in order to control automatically boom sections or seeders, based on the position received by the DGPS antenna.

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