AvMap Geosat 5

A new TOUCH in APRS Operations

The ultra-bright 5” LCD touch screen is larger than the average GPS system. The new touch screen interface is proven to provide safer and easier tactile navigation. Use your fingers without any stylus: the buttons are so big that you can’t go wrong!

The Geosat 5 display can be used as a monitor for your car. In fact, thanks to the audio-video input you can connect it to a DVD player, laptop, digital camera, video camera, rear camera, or to a game console!

North America (USA and Canada) is preloaded on the 2GB SD card and comes installed in the unit. All you need to do is plug and go!

The convenient APRS GPS solution!

Designed for current and Future Kenwood APRS radios, the AvMap G5 allows you to have full bi-directional APRS with moving and fixed displaying of APRS station. The G5 can be used with any NMEA 0183 TNC device.

Download the APRS instructions manual.

5 good reasons to choose Geosat 5

1. LARGE 5” LCD Touch screen: easier and safer navigation
2. Audio-video input: enjoy films and pictures in your car
3.  Import extra POI’s with no extra costs and set an approaching alarm 4. Kenwood ready APRS cable included
5. All-in one navigation for APRS ops standard personal navigation needs (Available in the North American Market Only)

  * PDA function not avaliable in North American Market.




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AvMap GPS are guaranteed for 2 years after the purchase date.

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