Accessories included in Geosat 5 BLU APRS  

Geosat 5 BLU APRS
A new TOUCH in APRS operations

A complete stand alone
The AvMap Geosat 5 Blu is an attractive, feature-rich personal navigator customized with Amateur Radio features. The Geosat 5 Blu is practical and easy to use with a builtin highly sensitive 20 channel Sirf 3 GPS engine for fast
and highly accurate fix. The ultra bright, non-glaring, 5 inch, TFT TOUCHSCREEN is easy to view. The Geosat 5 Blu night mode and auto brightness features make viewing easy and hassle-free in any lighting condition.

The out-of-the-box solution for APRS© operations
The Geosat 5 Blu comes with a Kenwood-ready cable and exclusive APRS bi-directional RS-232 APRS interface compatible with ALL current APRS ready Kenwood Radios, including the new TM-D710A/E. Geosat 5 Blu provides GPS location information for your transmitted APRS beacons, and it shows received APRS information on its map display. The unit can store up to 1000 APRS Contacts and display them on the map.

APRS© icons
Watch APRS activity right on the screen and you can distinguish between fixed and mobile APRS stations. Static positions are represented by blue bulls-eye icons along with the associated call sign. Moving positions are represented by red triangles and associated call sign. If used with a Kenwood D710A/E and if set in the KENWOOD format sentence, the Geosat 5 Blu supports standardized APRS icons.

Intercept To Target
You can set your Geosat 5 Blu to navigate to your favorite APRS© mobile station and get rerouting instructions when the new position is reported!

Tactical Mode
Geosat 5 Blu fully takes advantage of the Kenwood format sentence. The Tactical mode allows you to select an APRS © contact to see its speed, course and altitude in addition to its call sign and position.

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