Accessories included in Geosat 4x4 Wild  


The GPS for OFF ROAD navigation

Geosat 4x4 can guide you in the city as well as off road. You can in facts navigate A to B off road with the help of the full screen compass and the trip master. With Geosat 4x4 you can record your tracks, save your waypoints and export everything through ozi explorer to share it with friends.

• A to B off road navigation
• Full screen compass
• Trip Master with partial and total distance
• Save off road tracks
• Export and import waypoints and tracks
• Quick Waypoint Saving
• Full compatibility with Ozi Explorer through bi-directional NMEA interface


 Maps of Europe and North Africa!

Geosat 4x4 coms with a 4Gb SD card preloaded with:

    >   High covergae Tele Atlas Maps of Europe

    Background map of  North africa for off road navigation. North African maps (level B and D up to the 10th north parallel) show cities and major roads but do not provide street routing, they are suitable only for off road navigation.

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