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AvMap is the Italian manufacturer of GPS solutions since 1994

In 20 years of activity, AvMap has followed the development of the GPS sector and has influenced its trends.

Established in Italy in 1994 within the C-MAP Group, the world leader in electronic chart technology, AvMap made its debut in the professional aeronautical market with the EKP (electronic kneepad), one of the most successful flight navigation systems sold worldwide. 

Soon after, AvMap transfers its electronic cartography expertise from the aeronautical to the terrestrial sector, becoming a pioneer in satellite navigation solutions and fleet tracking systems. 

The Geosat series (the terrestrial GPS product line) keeps evolving since1998, introducing innovative features and meeting new consumer needs. 

AvMap distinguishes itself as the only example in the industry capable of controlling internally the whole production process, from the software development to the hardware production. 
For this reason, AvMap is an ideal partner for companies requiring customized solutions.

AvMap produces customised products for car manufacturers such as Peugeot, Citroen, Toyota.  


Sectors of activity:

• Terrestrial Navigation

• Aeronautical Navigation and avionic instruments

• Intelligent Agriculture

• Marine navigation (OEM) 

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The Group: TWS Holding

TWS Holding includes a group of companies specialised in different stages of the production process: from engineering to manufacturing, marketing and distribution. 
With such a solid background, AvMap choice is to maintain the production in Italy, keeping high quality standards and positioning its products in the high-end segment.

AvMap, an Italian Multinational

From the Italian Headquarter, AvMap controls offices in Europe, Ukraine, Brazil and United States. AvMap products are sold in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Greece, and Brazil.

Total Control of Technology

AvMap key to success is the control of the GPS technology.

AvMap is the only example in the industry capable of engineering and manufacturing internally both software and hardware for its devices. This in-sourcing policy has proven to be a competitive advantage, as AvMap can provide know-how in all the stages of production:

* Research & development
* Hardware engineering: 
from design to components
* Software engineering: 
from GUI to development
* Assembly
* Test
* Post sale customer care:
 the direct contact with the user gives important feedback to the production dept.


AvMap's Distinctive features


Proprietary technology

AvMap is part of a vertical group which manufactures its products with little if no use of outsourcing.

A complete Panorama

AvMap has a 360° panorama of satellite navigation technology and its applications in several sectors ranging from aeronautical navigation, to terrestrial navigation and fleet management.

20 years of expertise

In a market that is overcrowded with new players, AvMap distinguishes itself as one of the pioneers of GPS navigation


A flat and dynamic organization allows fast special project management for tailored business solutions

Made in Italy

AvMap’s products are entirely designed and manufactured in Europe


AvMap in the world:


HQ Italy AvMap S.r.l.con socio unico

Viale Zaccagna 6
54033  Carrara (MS)
Tel: +39 0585 7721
Cap.Soc.€ 10.400,00
N.REA: 94805
Iscr. al Reg. Imprese di Massa  Carrara,
P.IVA e C.F.:
LAT 44° 02' 34" N
LON 10° 03' 49” E
[email protected]
[email protected]

Technical Support 
Tel: +39 0585 784044

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AvMap do Brasil Ltda.

Rua Barão de Santo Ângelo,
n°368, Sala C, 
Jardelino Ramos,
Caxias do Sul - RS,
CEP. 95052-610
LAT 29°09'42.3"S 
LON 51°09'52.2"W
[email protected]

AvMap L.l.c.

Office 22, 7A,
14 Line, 199034,
LAT 59°56'07"
LON 30°16'28"
[email protected]

AvMap Ibérica S.L.U.

Consell de cent, 417
419 08009 Barcelona
[email protected]

AvMap Ukraine Ltd

Vasyl'kivska, 30  office 2-502
Kiev,  03022  Ucraina
[email protected]

AvMap Satellite
Navigation Inc

Massachusetts, USA
[email protected]



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