European Projects

AvMap is involved in several EU funded projects,  as it is an ideal partner for Research and development projects, and as it is the  only example in the industry controlling internally the whole production process, from software development to hardware production.



Saferider (Information Society and media)

The project aims at adapting and implementing appropriate ADVANCED DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS (ADAS) and IN-VEHICLE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (IVIS) technologies in motorbikes (Powered-Two-Wheelers) to contribute to the significant enhancement of riders' safety.

Among the partners: Ibeo Automobile Sensor GmbH (Germany), Meta System S.p.a. (Italy), MIRA Ltd (United Kingdom), NZI Helmets (Spain), PERCRO (Italy), PIAGGIO (Italy), YAMAHA Motor Europe (Netherlands).

Pegasus (Industry 2015)

he project aims at Improving of mobility in terms of: better access through the reduction of traffic and times required for path covering, increase of efficiency in the utilization of current means of transport and of urban and periurban infrastructures, increase of safety and reduction of environmental impacts deriving from vehicular mobility

Partners: Octotelematics, TSF, Siteco, Raptech, IT staff, Netsens.

Avid Mode (People sector)

The project aims at developing a satellite navigator with a built-in superior quality TV.


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