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AvMap premiata da Toyota con il "Supplier Achievement Award for Project Management"

27 March 2015



AvMap premiata da Toyota con il "Supplier Achievement Award for Project Management" ovvero il riconoscimento per i risultati ottenuti come fornitore per la buona Gestione del Progetto X-Nav Navibox, il navigatore della nuova Toyota AYGO.


Fornitore di Toyota dal 2011
, AvMap ha già sviluppato per la casa automobilistica giapponese staffe su misura per integrare i sistemi di navigazione satellitare nel cruscotto, e il modulo Toyota HOTSPOT disponibile per tutta la gamma Toyota.

C'è un pezzo di tecnologia italiana nel sistema multimediale Toyota X-touch,
uno dei punti forti della nuova Toyota Aygo. La Navibox ‘X-Nav’ e il Software di navigazione sono stati sviluppati e prodotti da AvMap, il produttore italiano  di soluzioni di navigazione satellitare dal 1994.


The new Toyota x-touch

The new Toyota Aygo x-touch multimedia system has an eye-catching, 7” full-colour touch screen fully integrated within the instrument panel, and there is even more than meets the eye. It combines the latest on-board Multimedia with Navigation, Rear View Monitoring System and Smartphone connectivity, a set of functions never seen before in an A-segment car. The Toyota x-touch system has a very intuitive and simple user interface with a main menu consisting of 5 icons: Audio (AM/FM radio, DAB, Bluetooth, AUX and USB), Phone (hands free calls and text messages), Connect (mirror link connection to Smartphone or Navi Box), Car Information (on-board vehicle information, trip computer, instant and average fuel consumption etc) and Set Up. 


 The AvMap Navi Box concept

The optional “X-Nav” consists in a remote Navi Box unit with GPS sensor, which can be fitted in a dedicated storage pocket within the glove box and that connects to the x-touch display via USB port. It is also able to communicate through the MirrorLink protocol. MirrorLink is a device interoperability standard that offers integration between a Smartphone (or in this case another external device) and a car's infotainment system. 

A solution easy to update or upgrade with new features, making the end user’s lives easier.


X-Nav Navigation Software by AvMap

AvMap has developed the navigation software with a comprehensive map database by HERE® covering 42 European countries* enabling users to route to millions of destinations including more than 4.2 million points-of-interest (POI).

(*Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovak republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican City).


The maps include some premium contents:

- Safety Cameras: fixed cameras, radar zones, stoplight intersection cameras (where allowed)

- Speed limits and other traffic restrictions

- Hundreds of thousand of extended Business Listings


The navigation software is available in 20 Languages and features full Map screen in 2D, 3D and night view.

You can select as destination an address, a Point of interest, specific Lat/Lon coordinates, or a precise point on map enabling “to the door” arrival accuracy, resolving non standard addressing issues in countries where inconsequential numbering is used or where address ranges do not exist.


When you select a destination and configure the desired Route Options (for example fastest, shortest, or selecting specific types of roads to be avoided), if two routes are possible given the same criteria, the ‘Alternative routing’ function allows you to choose between two alternatives. The possible routes are shown on the map as well as their length and duration for a quick comparison to facilitate the choice.


The turn-by-turn driving instructions are clear, complete with Lane Assistant and Adaptive Route recalculation.


The Trip Overview page shows a timeline of the trip with all the relevant info: current position, (indicated both with address and LAT LON coordinates), current time, total trip duration, time of departure, estimated arrival time, total length, covered distance, current altitude and speed.

The GPS Page shows beside the satellite status, a big digital Compass, indicating direction and degrees.


To start navigating anywhere in Europe, simply touch the ‘Connect’ menu on the x-touch display, and then choose ‘Navi’.


The mirror link system 
The ‘Connect menu’ activates the Mirror Link function to connect to your Smartphone or Navi Box. When you connect your compatible Smartphone, Mirror Link will replicate the phone’s screen on the x-touch display, and you will be able to control its functions, for example to reproduce multimedia files (video, images, music) or use the apps, through the x-touch screen. This way, the car is seamlessly integrated into your connected life.


The X-Nav can be bought as an accessory, available everywhere in Europe, supported  by the Toyota retail network.


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