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AvMap with "Riding the skies" for the second edition

28 July 2015

In 2013 Roberto Bisa and Antonio Forato flew from Cassola, Italy to Sydney, Australia with two ultralight aircraft, a total of 22,000 km crossing 16 countries. The  challenge was named Riding the Skies and it officially entered the Guinness World Records as ‘ longest journey by ultralight aircraft ‘.

After 2 years, Roberto Bisa (hang-gliding - paragliding instructor and pilot since 1987)  wants to challenge himself even further attempting to reach with a solo flight with an ultralight la Tierra del Fuego in Argentina and come back for a total of 40,000 km.

For the first time an italian ultralight will fly over the polar cap and the amazon forest!
Roberto Bisa will fly a  Syncro by Fly Synthesis,  equipped with AvMap avionics: AvMap EKP V e Ultra EFIS.

Follow Riding the skies: 

The Syncro by Fly Synthesis

Engine: Rotax 912 is 

The Syncro is equipped with AvMap avionics: a panel mounted EKP V with worldwide maps and a ULTRA Efis with connection to the Pitot-Static system



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