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AvMap selects NAVTEQ as Worldwide terrestrial maps supplier for its aeronautical products

02 November 2010


Starting from November the 2nd, the terrestrial maps for AvMap aeronautical products will be provided by NAVTEQ.

Starting from today it is possible to update cards as well as to buy products preloaded with the new NAVTEQ data, through the AvMap shop on line.

“With the integration of NAVTEQ data, AvMap enriches and widens its offer for the aeronautical navigation market” says Simone Lazzarini, AvMap CEO, “and confirms the continuous innovation strategy of the company that becomes more and more competitive in the existing markets and enters in new markets such as South America, South Africa and Australia.”


Why are the new data better?

> New areas covered: the NAVTEQ detailed terrestrial maps (BDF) include inn ew areas like: Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, with no raise in pricing.

> Worldwide coverage, more homogeneity: the NAVTEQ terrestrial Roadnet maps (ABD) have  worldwide coverage in scale 1:100,000 that guarantees a great detail and homogeneity .  The Land elevation model is present worldwide in scale 1:100,000.

> Details that count: waters are complete with names info, an  important point of reference for pilots.

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