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AvMap releases Geosat MapConverter

07 April 2011

With Geosat MapConverter it is possible to put a paper or electronic map for a specific area or event in your Geosat 4x4 crossover GPS! 

This is possible using Google Earth or other mapping software (e.g. OziExplorer) to georeference the image of the map and then the Geosat MapConverter to convert it in a format compatible with Geosat 4x4 Crossover.

The Geosat MapConverter works on PC, and it is compatible with the AvMap Geosat 4x4 Crossover.

Download the GeosatMmapConverter Manual to find out more


Installing Geosat MapConverter
1. After downloading on your PC the application, unzip the file.
2. Start the .exe file.
3. Accept the End Users License Agreement and choose the destination folder on your PC.
 4. A short cut icon will be created on your C desktop.

Which maps can I load on my Geosat?
Geosat MapConverter allows you converting raster maps from the .kmz (Google Earth) or .map (Ozi Explorer) formats to the AvMap proprietary format that can be read by Geosat 4x4 Crossover. To use the converter you need to have a .kmz or .map file.
The “raster” map will be shown in the background of the vector street map preloaded in the Geosat. Raster maps are just images and cannot provide turn-by-turn navigation, which is possible only along the streets present in the preloaded vector map.
How many maps can I load on my Geosat?
Geosat 4x4 Crossover reads up to 8 maps, included those preloaded in the SD memory card, independently of the free space in the memory.

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