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New Spring Maps out now!

02 April 2012

New NAVTEQ maps V1.2012 have been released.

Visit the Shop online to know more about coverage and costs.

But this is not the only news, with this release, AvMap introduces the NEW MAP GUARANTEE!


AvMap offers you the New Map Guarantee for all the terrestrial maps!

When you buy a new AvMap navigator, you are guarantee for free the latest released map.
If a newer map is released by AvMap within 30 days from your first  use, the New map Guarantee allows you to download it for free using the Suite PC application.

Get your free update through the Suite

You have 30 days from the first usage of your new AvMap navigator  to download  the Suite  and check if a new map is available for you for free! You can download only one free map for your navigator.

1. If you have not registered yet, register here

2. Download the Suite here and install it on your PC

3. In order to find out if there is a free update for you, connect your navigator to the PC and open the Suite.

Attention: to have access to the latest available maps, you need to check the availability within 30 days from the first use of the navigator   (from the first acquisition of satellites at a certain speed).  You can download only one free map update.

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