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VFR and IFR maps for EKP V

15 June 2012

Enrich your EKP V with ICAO maps by  DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung)  for Germany and sectionals by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)  for United States, available on the shop online!

These are the maps avilable:

Digital and georeferenced version of USA FAA charts for VFR navigation

This package includes charts of different type/scale:

- WAC (1:1.000.000)

- SEC (1:500.000)
- and TAC (1:250.000)

Free updates for one year are included. Updates are issued every month. The year is counted from the date of purchase.

Digital and georeferenced version of Germany VFR ICAO Charts by DFS

(Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH), scale 1:500.000.


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