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AvMap at Pacificon 2012

12 October 2012


At Pacificon 2012, AvMap presents major Software Update for Geosat 6 APRS with new Dead Reckoning and Course/Speed Leaders functions for free!


·         The new functions, developed with the help of the father of APRS Mr. Bob Bruninga (WB4APR), will be available for Geosat 6 APRS with a free Software Update, following AvMap policy of continuous innovation and improvement of the existing product lines.

·         Geosat 6 APRS, the GPS dedicated to Radio Ham, offers the ultimate representation for moving objects with the introduction of APRS fundamentals such as LEADERS and DEAD-RECKONING.



Falmouth, 10th October 2012
– AvMap, the worldwide-known Italian GPS manufacturer, releases at Pacificon 2012 a major update for Geosat 6 APRS, the GPS dedicated to Radio Ham, introducing two fundamental features for APRS operations: the Dead Reckoning and Course/Speed Leaders.


Geosat 6 APRS provides GPS location information for your transmitted APRS beacons, and it shows received APRS information on the map.  You can watch APRS activity right on the bright full color 4.8" display and distinguish between fixed and mobile APRS stations. If you select an APRS contact you can see its speed, course and altitude in addition to its call sign and position.


The new Dead Reckoning feature or “DR” allows predicting the position of moving APRS objects on the map of the GPS navigator even if a new position has not been reported yet. Each APRS object is displayed on the map with an icon in its last reported position. When the DR feature is enabled, a vector line (Course/Speed Leader) is drawn from that position to the projected current position based on last reported course direction and speed. The Course/Speed Leader vector line is updated every 4 seconds.


When a moving APRS object is not sending beacon info for a timeout of 10 minutes a question mark appears over its last reported position and the vector line disappears. In this way, the question mark indicates that the object’s real-time position is unknown; if the APRS object starts sending a beacon again, the question mark disappears and the Course/Speed Leader is displayed again.

With Geosat 6 APRS you can also:

    - Intercept the Target:
you can set a APRS© mobile station as destination to  get rerouting instructions when a new position is reported
    - Send text messages with ease thanks to the full virtual keyboard. When used with Byonics TinyTrak4, Geosat 6 APRS allows APRS Messaging.
    - Get Real Time Weather info: just connect Geosat 6 APRS to any analog radio transceiver through Byonics TinyTrak4 and the sat nav map will show not only the position of WX stations, but as well all the relevant current weather info: Wind speed, Wind direction, Temperature, Rain in the last 24 h, Pressure, Humidity, Wind gust.
    - Search locations by their geographical coordinates (in different map datum)
    - Record the track of your itinerary a
nd share it with friends
    - Export and import waypoints and tracks to and from Ozi Explorer or Google Earth
    - Add your custom topographic maps with the Map converter app


The Geosat 6 APRS comes with an APRS bidirectional RS-232 APRS interface compatible with all APRS amateur radio models and the TNC (Terminal Node Controllers) models that support the Kenwood format sentence $PKWDWPL or NMEA format sentence. The Geosat 6 also outputs NMEA sentences GSV, RMC, GGA, GSA, WPL.


Bob Bruninga - WB4APR
(www.aprs.org ) father of the Automatic Packet Reporting System, declares “Since the AvMap Geosat came out with the Kenwood Interface, I no longer use anything else for travelling with APRS”. “LEADERS and DEAD-RECKONING were fundamental to APRS from the beginning but as been left out of many recent APRS clones.  It is fundamental that a MOVING object continues to MOVE on the map until updated.  This is important for a sparse data channel like APRS where it might be several minutes before a new position comes in. I told the guys at AvMap that if they were able to add these APRS fundamentals to the map, they would provide the best display of MOVING objects. AvMap is truly the best GPS display on the market!”

(www.pacificon.org) will be held October 12, 13, and 14, 2012 and will host the 2012 American Radio Relay League (ARRL) National Convention and Exposition. PACIFICON 2012 will offer over 120 educational forums and programs, including a presentation held by Mr. Don Arnold (W6GPS) showcasing Geosat 6 APRS, on how to use a GPS for APRS radio operations.


Geosat 6 APRS retails at $499
and is available on www.avmap.it on-line store, while the Software update can be downloaded for free from www.avmap.it/support.


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