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EKP V now compatible with RocketRoute

17 January 2013

AvMap announces EKP V compatibility with RocketRoute flight planning service.
You can create Flight Plans on RocketRoute and export them on your AvMap EKP V aeronautical navigator!

Discover the RocketRoute online flight planning service that gives you the confidence, flexibility and convenience to fly anywhere in Europe at a moments notice. RocketRoute is easy to use, fast and flexible. Create Flight Plans and export them to your favorite moving map system.



The GA pilot’s market is changing and the flight planning is shifting more and more from the paper and the desktop to mobile devices. EKP V can be removed from the cockpit and can be used as a portable device for update and for planning operations, and this is already an advantage, moreover AvMap is opening to those customers who are using other flight planning services on other devices such as the iPad.

RocketRoute is a “cloud service” that allows planning anywhere from your PC/Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad, this allows creating a flight plan very quickly without having to insert manually each waypoint on the EKP V.

“EKP V is a multifunctional and versatile aeronautical navigator, capable of becoming the core of your integrated avionic system thanks to its docking station. With that in mind, AMap is offering compatibility with other instruments and applications developed from third parties”. Says Simone Lazzarini, AvMap’s CEO.

“With this operation AvMap is also looking at the needs of market demanding more and more mobility. EKP V is a product in continuous evolution, this is just one of the many news that we will introduce in 2013 with new accessories and free software updates.”

Besides importing Flight Plans, AvMap Suite can manage also other contents such as waypoints, tracks and even customized raster charts. Moreover, AvMap Suite helps updating with ease the maps and software of your EKP V.

How to export FP from RocketRoute to EKP V:

1. Compile a flight plan on rocketroute.com, save and Export.
2. Select  AvMap format and Save the file to a known location on your PC.
3. Connect the EKP V to you PC and execute EKP V Suite (it should start automatically when the device is recognized).
4. Click Explore Device. This window allows transferring personal data between the EKP V and your PC. Select Flight Plan from the list on the left.
5. Click Add and then select in your PC the flight plan file exported from RocketRoute.
6. Select the flight plans from the list on your right and Click Import to EKP. The imported flight plans will be listed in the left column.
7. Disconnect the EKP V and wait for the software to start. Open the EKP V FP page to find the Flight Plans.


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