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Donna Avventura expedition

01 January 2006

Donnavventura, a highly rated Italian travel reality TV series is currently in its 19th year of production and supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia.

18 years of spectacular and attractive imagery, compose the Donnavventura quest. We continuously search for the next Donnavventura; a woman who retains her feminine attributes yet strong enough to experience extreme conditions that transcend the norms of today's society. This is what propels our vision.

Featuring six young and charismatic Italian women who are carefully chosen from over 40,000 applicants, these aspiring travel reporters will be sharing their travel experiences with the viewers.

AvMap has been sponsoring Donna Avventura's expeditions for the past 5 years and our Geosat navigators have guided the expeditions throught  Australia, Africa, North America and South America. This year our Geosat 5 will lead the expedition in Malasya.

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