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New Aero Database 1402

06 February 2014

The New Aeronautical database 1402 (February 6th - March 5th, 2014) is now available online!

Aeronautical Maps Update Service
The most convenient way to keep you navigator complete and updated
Get 13 updates a Year at a very convenient price!

To fly safe, it is strongly advised that you keep your Aeronautical Maps e up-to-date. AvMap offers you the possibility to save money subscribing to the Map Update Service to get always the latest data available, on time, for your AvMap GPS. With the subscription you can get more updates at a very competitive price. Get a Map Update Service Subscription now!

With the yearly Subscription you can get all the 13 updates a year at a very competitive price!

The cycles: every 28 days, 13 times a Year.
The Aeronautical Database Updates are released every 28 days, 13 times a Year. AvMap Aeronautical Database updates are made available 1-2 days prior to the AIRAC effective date so customers can get their new database before it becomes effective.

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