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Mitsubishi L200 savana with Geosat 5

29 April 2008

MMC launches the new Mitsubishi L200 Savana with AvMap Geosat 5 on board, price starting from 86,990 Brazilian Reais ($50,255 USD). MMC has chosen AvMap as the partner for satellite navigation systems in Brazil, with an exclusivity on Geosat 5 for six months starting from April 2008. Mitsubishi is the first car manufacturer in Brazil to offer a portable navigator out of the factory.

Visit the official web site:

Why AvMap Geosat 5 is the most suitable Navigator for the off-road:

- A robust 100% MADE IN ITALY hardware,
- An ultra wide and ultra bright 5” Touch Screen,
- The possibility to search a location by its geographical coordinates,
- The Possibility to navigate even off road,
- Geosat 5 is equipped with Audio-Video input and can be plugged to a back up camera or other audio video sources.

Watch the You tube video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cd7VoqKuuBM

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