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Geosat 5 APRS at the Leicester Amateur Radio show

24 October 2008

AvMap will take part to the Leicester Amateur Radio show, the biggest Amateur Radio show of the year, at Donington Park 2008.

Kenwood UK will be on stand 14 and have a representative from AvMap joining them with a working TM-D710E – Geosat 5 combination

This will give visitors the chance to see the APRS and mapping facilities first hand as well as ask any questions you may have about the facilities.


Kenwood and AvMap partnerhip

Kenwood UK have announced preliminary information regarding a forthcoming cooperation between Kenwood Uk and AvMap to promote their portable sat nav unit with built-in APRS functionality

David Wilkins G5HY of Kenwood UK stated “The AvMap Geosat 5 APRS is a special version of the standard unit with additional firmware to handle GPS data, so when connected to a Kenwood TM-D710E the Geosat 5 acts as both a GPS and a display. This means that Geosat 5 not only sends it current GPS information to the TM-D710E, but also displays on its 5” colour screen all the APRS beacons/icons that the TM-D700E is receiving off – air (within the screen map coverage area)

“The APRS beacons become GPS way points, so that can be displayed both stationary and moving, and in addition Geosat 5 can even navigate the operator to them, just like any other GPS location point. Kenwood USA has had a joint promotion with AvMap for some time now, featuring both the TM-D710E and it predecessor TM_D700E and we are now planning to work together in Europe and the UK”.

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