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AvMap seduces Citroën Netherlands

20 April 2009

* AvMap marks a turning point in the navigation market and introduces the concept of hybrid navigator
* In spite of the global economic downturn, AvMap B2B sector is growing
* AvMap with its customized solutions positions itself as a strategic partner for car manufacturers to increase sales

Carrara, 20th April 2009 – AvMap, the only Italian player known in the international satellite navigation, has landed in the Netherlands, the TomTom native country, closing a deal with the Dutch Citroën branch.

This deal with Citroën Netherlands, confirms the success of the hybrid GPS: built-in yet portable; an innovative concept introduced by AvMap which has marked a turning point in the satellite navigation market.

AvMap has designed for Citroën a tailor-made holder which allows integrating in the Citroën C1 dashboard a Geosat 6 portable navigator. “We have pioneered in portable car navigation back in 1994, and today we are offering to car manufacturers hybrid solutions which ensure the best and safest positioning of the PND inside the car without any annoying cable nor suction cup limiting the visibility”, states Simone Lazzarini, AvMap Managing Director.

This Citroën dedicated solution well expresses the concept of hybrid GPS: the Geosat 6 navigator with the special holder are sold as accessories in aftermarket, they can be installed very easily and quickly by the car dealers, and once mounted in the car’s dashboard they will be perfectly integrated looking as an in-car system, yet with the possibility of taking the portable navigator away and use it in other cars.

After the collaboration with Peugeot Automobili Italia and Portugal, Mitsubishi Brazil, and Citroën Italy, this new international deal steadies AvMap’s position as the ideal partner for big car manufacturers seeking to differentiate themselves and to offer new customized products at competitive prices.

From the very beginning, AvMap positioned in counter-trend to competition, specialising in B2B rather than mass market, and producing in the production plant based in Marina di Carrara innovative and flexible products to meet the needs of the transport companies and then car manufacturers. This strategy proved to be winning in this period of economic turmoil.

“AvMap provides solutions which are adding to the car value and some very interesting functions such as the alcohol tester, the digital TV or the integration of the GPS with the car audio system”, continues Lazzarini. “All these functions can be available for middle and low range cars, at very competitive price as opposed to in-car systems, but with the same robustness and reliability, making these special series unique and highly competitive”.

The B-2-B sector is AvMap’s core business, and it is constantly growing even in this period of economic instability: only in Q1 2009 the Business to Business sector has recorded a 8% orders growth, on the same period of the previous year.

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