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EngiBOX + EngiBOX App + EngiBOX Portal = The total engine management system for your Rotax Engine

AvMap EngiBOX, the engine monitoring system for ROTAX engines, designed for ultralight and experimental aircraft, is now complete with the EngiBOX Portal engibox.avmap.it, a web portal where the user can monitor the performance of his engine at any time, anywhere and from any platform.

EngiBOX stores the engine data log in the internal memory (up to 160 h), then you can then export the log from your EngiBOX to the EngiBOX cloud via Bluetooth, using the free EngiBOX mobile app. Open your account on the EngiBOX Portal to check the trend graphs for all your engine parameters, for each flight. You can share the logs with your Rotax repair and service center to get better maintenance and support and instant diagnosis in case of problems.

Rotax service centers can also save last the overhaul date in the EngiBOX Portal. The EngiBOX system benefits users and help the Rotax service centers’ job. To expand the network, there is now the possibility for the user to invite a service center to use the EngiBOX Portal, if not yet present in the program.

ROTAX engines are pre-set in the EngiBOX: you just have to select your engine model and the EngiBOX is ready to be used, showing you the right parameters, min / max values, alert and alarms for that specific model.

With an update rate of five times per second, EngiBOX measures and displays: oil pressure, oil temperature / air temperature, cylinder head temperature / coolant temperature, revolutions per minute, exhaust gas temperature, manifold pressure, Hobbs meter. It is now possible to hide a parameter if the sensor is not present, by disabling it in the settings.

Sensor probes are not included in the box, as EngiBOX is compatible with the same standard sensor supplied by ROTAX, with the exception of the Thermocouple type K or J that need to be purchased in order to measure the EGT and Cylinder head temperature.

EGT, CHT and Manifold pressure sensors can be used in parallel with other measurement instruments. RPM pick-up can also be used in parallel with other measurement instruments, as long as they are capable of correctly measuring the RPM with a 100 ohm load.


EngiBOX retails at $ 899


for more info avionics.avmap.it


EngiBOX Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: Fitting standard 3-1/8" panel hole, external frame: 95 x 95 mm

  • Weight: 250 g (8.8 Oz)

  • Power Input range: 10-35 VDC

Compatible sensors:

  • 4 x Thermocouple (type K and J) for EGT and Cylinder head temperature (can be used in parallel with other measurement instruments)

  • 2 x Resistance thermometer (Rotax NTC and PT100) for Air temperature / Coolant temperature

  • 1 x Oil Pressure pick-up (Rotax Keller type 4-20 mA and VDO resistive type 10 bar/150 psi)

  • 1 x RPM pick-up (can be used in parallel with other measurement instruments, depending on the other instrument capability to measure correctly RPM with a 100 ohm load).

  • 1 x INPUT Manifold Pressure  (can be used in parallel with other measurement instruments)


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