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AvMap launches G7 Plus: the high-level product of the Farmnavigator series, that completes the range of products dedicated to Intelligent Agriculture

AvMap, the Italian manufacturer of GPS solutions since 1994, presents G7 Plus FARMNAVIGATOR, a powerful yet easy-to-use GPS ideal for operations such as mapping, fertilizing and spraying, as well as high precision operations with automatic steering.

“Alongside G7 Ezy (launched this February), G7 Plus Farmnavigator completes the FARMANIVGATOR family of products dedicated to Intelligent Agriculture” declared Simone Lazzarini, AvMap Director “Any farmer can now choose between G7 Ezy and G7 according to their need, precision required and budget

G7 Plus features the same multi-touch, ultra-bright 7” display of the G7 Ezy version.
The installation takes only few minutes: place the Farmnavigator on the bracket, plug the power cable and connect the external antenna into the DB9 serial connector.

With G7 Plus Farmnavigator you can:

•    Map your fields and create your fields' database
•    Follow the Satellite Assisted Guidance with A-B parallel guidelines, identical contour curves,  adaptive contour (NEW) or pivot guidelines (NEW)
•    Manage the headland: optimize spraying and seeding operations especially for irregular and triangular areas. The headland function allows working the headland at the end, avoiding unnecessary overlaps.
•    Save and manage all the data in the Jobs' Database. For each job, G7 Plus saves farmer, activity, field, implements used, products used, worked area, total time etc.
•    Configure your implements
•    Control the sprayboom sections manually or automatically (when connected to a compatible controller)
•    Use G7 Plus Farmnavigator with the Farmnavigator Auto-steering Kit to achieve the maximum precision and reduce the operator fatigue.
•    Let G7 Plus guide you throughout in Europe tank to the included Road Navigator with HERE maps. At the moment maps are available for Europe, Brazil and South Africa. Turn-by-turn vocal instructions can be heard through an A2DP Bluetooth speaker (not included).


G7 Plus vs G7 Ezy:

1. G7 Plus Farmnavigator is very versatile as it comes with 3 serial ports and 3 different power cable adapters for any kind of vehicle:

  • Cigarette lighter plug,

  • Cobo adapter,

  • Spade terminals to feed it directly from a battery.

2. G7 Plus Farmnavigator can be used with the Farmnavigator Auto-steering to achieve the maximum precision and reduce the operator fatigue. The Farmnavigator Auto-steering System controls your vehicle steering and helps you stay on track, perfectly following the guidelines set on the Farmnavigator. You can disengage the Auto-Steering by firmly grasping the steering wheel; you can engage it again very easily by tapping the icon on the Farmnavigator display.

3. Updating G7 Plus Farmnavigator is super easy with the Wi-Fi Software Updates.

4. G7 Plus includes a European Road Navigator with turn-by-turn vocal instructions via Bluetooth (compatible with A2DP Bluetooth speakers).

5. The remote control is included in G7 Plus ( optional for G7 Ezy).


Last, but not least, the FARMNAVIGATOR family is now complete with a full range of useful accessories such as power adaptors and connection cables for any need.
You can choose the other compatible DGPS receivers to fit your precision requirements.

For example, FARMNAVIGATOR can be combined with the new Smart GPS / GNSS receiver that offers GPS and GLONASS concurrent GNSS operation, SBAS tracking for increased position accuracy and 10 Hz Update rate; it is NMEA 0183 compatible and it connects to G7 Ezy with a 4m power cable.


End user prices:

  • G7 Plus FARMNAVIGATOR  1952 € (taxes included) (display, protective cover, powered bracket with cigarette lighter, Cobo and spade terminals adapters, remote control and holder with heavy duty suction cup.)

  • G7 Plus FARMNAVIGATOR + Smart GPS/GNSS  receiver 2257 € (taxes included)

  • G7 Plus FARMNAVIGATOR + Novatel AG-Star  receiver  3416 € (taxes included)

  • Smart GPS / GNSS   receiver 366 € (taxes included)

  • Novatel AG-Star receiver  1403 € (taxes included)

  • Novatel Smart6-L receiver  2440 € (taxes included)

    Available on the shop on line:  www.avmap.it/farmnavigator  and through AvMap distributors.

    More info at: www.avmap.it/G7Plus_Farmnavigator

G7 Ezy FARMNAVIGATOR technical specifications


  • Display: 7” bonded LCD, 1024x600 px, 1000 nits

  • Capacitive Multi -Touch Screen

  • Built-in WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS

  • External u-blox GPS antenna with 50 cm accuracy

  • Supply Voltage: 10-35 Vdc

  • Power consumption: 820 mA MAX @ 12V (~10 W)

  • Power cable with 3 adapters: cigarette lighter, Cobo and spade terminals

  • 2 serial ports: 1x DB9 powered 12V DC, 1x DB

  • Software updates via Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth (for connection with external Bluetooth speakers type A2DP)

  • Operating temperature: 0°+55 °

  • Storage temperature: -30 °C + 80 °

  • Water and dustproof iP5

  • Dimensions: 188 x 146 x 33 m

  • Weight: 640 g


About AvMap
AvMap, the Italian manufacturer of navigation systems since 1994, offers a wide range of applications in different sectors: avionics, marine electronics, automotive and precision farming. AvMap manufactures products for the B2B, B2B and OEM markets.  AvMap Products are 100% made in Italy and sold worldwide. AvMap’ partners include PSA Group (Peugeot and Citroën), Toyota, Jeppesen and many others.

PR Contact:   Chiara Viganò   [email protected]  
Sales info:  [email protected]   

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